Plow rotary potato digger

Every year closer to spring, any self-respecting farmer begins to rack his brains in search of an answer: the better to plow your plot?

Regardless of the decision taken, whether buying a plow and rototiller, ordering a neighbor to plow the field or trying to make a self-made plow (most of it only has enough materials and forces), this is always the solution of only one agricultural task – plowing.

And if there was an opportunity to buy such a tool that could replace not only the notorious plow and rotomotive, but also the potato digger? If you did not have to repeatedly plow the land, constantly rearranging the tools, and after the first pass, sufficient crumbling of the soil would be achieved?

Someone will say – a dream, and will be right! We present to you the dream of a farmer – a multi-purpose plow-rotary potato plow.


Such a curved-rotor mounted plow is designed for installation on compact tractors with a pulling force of 3.5 – 6 kN. Appointment in plowing mode – the main dump cultivation of the soil (plow) with additional crumbling of the soil layer (milling cutter), when installing wide plates on the rotor, digs out potatoes by throwing a row of rytes together with potatoes into a small width (potato digger).

The main parts of the rotary plow (RP) are the reducer, the plow frame, the hitch frame, two passive (share) and two active (rotor) hulls driven by the belt drive.

Plowing of the field with such a tool has another significant advantage, which is provided by the technology of the RP operation. In the process of working passive shells cut the soil layers, raise them and feed them to active rotors. In this case, the seams of the soil are subjected to the shock action of the rotor plates, crumbled and dropped into the furrow, simultaneously with this, the lower layers of the formation are raised by the rotor blades. The joint action of the strips and rotor blades promotes the mixing of different layers.

To the note: mixing ensures uniform distribution in the arable layer of decomposition products of organic substances and mineral fertilizers, as well as higher activity in the entire arable horizon.

– in the plowing mode
slave. speed, km / hup to 8
processing depth, cm18 … 22
width of grip, cm60 … 68
Productivity, hectare / hour0.48 … 0.54
required tractor power, hpnot less than 20
– in potato planting mode
distance between rows, cm60
depth of planting, cm6 … 12
slave. speed and performanceacc. the plowing regime
– in a mode of digging out a potato
slave. speed, km / hto 10
depth of excavation, cm16 … 18
Productivity, hectare / hour0.6

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